Oddbox rescues 'wonky' produce from going to waste before it leaves farms
From £9.45 per box
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  • You choose between veg, fruit or a mixed produce box, the size of your box and how often you want to receive it
  • Sign up for a subscription and with the ability to cancel anytime
  • Oddbox delivers to your doorstep for free and picks up your previous box to be recycled
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  • There's a great variety of produce in comparison to seasonal only veg boxes which means you're more likely to use everything up
  • Inside your box you'll find the info on the origin of each product, why it was rejected from supermarkets and some cooking suggestions
  • To date the company says its work has saved 1,184,336kgs of C02e, 1,403,959kgs of fresh produce and 273,422,335 litres of water
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