By Rotation

The Airbnb of mid to luxury fashion', rent and lend clothing
From £4 per rental
/5 stars
  • Set up a profile and get started by renting or posting an item to lend in under 2 minutes. Leave reviews for other renters and lenders once you've tried them out
  • Choose to pick up and drop items in person, through Royal Mail Tracked or through By Rotation's delivery partner
  • The lender is responsible for cleaning, although they can add a cleaning fee or ask their renter to clean the garment lightly. Once you've received the item again, you get paid!
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  • Each time you lend an item you earn on average 10% back of the retail price
  • Super affordable and quick to use, making circular fashion and waste reduction easy
  • Should there be any disputes between renters and lenders or lost items, By Rotation will step in to resolve the issue and offer reimbursements if necessary
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